Pay It Forward

For the past couple of months, we have been working on a big promotion that included partnering with 16 top design brands (Dribbble, Threadless, InVision, Scribd, Moo, Skillshare, Studio, Survata, Pixlr, Dissolve, Stacksocial, Carbon, Macaw, Wunderlist, Sketchbook, Karma and Creative Market) to pull together a bundle of design products and services that people in the design community would love.

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10 Essential Growth Hacker Communities

I recently began compiling lists of some of the best personal and corporate blogs on growth hacking and lean marketing. What I forgot to include in those lists are the networks and resource sites in the growth marketing community where ideas are shared, great posts are passed around, questions are answered and where folks chat about the secrets to their success growing start-ups.

If you are looking to hire a growth hacker, looking to become a growth hacker or looking to learn tips on how to grow your business, then these are the communities to become a part of.

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30+ Corporate Blogs To Teach You How To Growth Hack

Last week I posted a list of 50+ individuals who write great stuff on startup growth. I forgot to mention a lot of great company blogs that are an excellent resource for anyone interesting in growing their startup’s traffic, users and/or revenue. I’m blown away by the constant quality marketing content posted on the company blogs of KissMetrics, Mailchimp, Unbounce, Hubspot, and the others listed below. Definitely worth adding to your feed reader.

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50+ Growth Hacker Blogs to Follow

Today I finally made the migration moving my RSS feeds from Netvibes, a product that I’ve been using since around 2005 over to Digg Reader. During this manual move over I’ve unearthed a lot of great blog resources that I thought would be worth sharing. Below are a list of lean marketing/growth related bloggers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that I follow on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to gain traffic to your startup, acquire users, increase revenue and generally grow your business, you will find some great advice from following these growth experts.

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Hack: Send your entire LinkedIn graph an email in 10 minutes

Did you know that you could export all your LinkedIn contacts and their email addresses?

I stumbled across this feature today and it came as a bit of a shock that LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts and their email addresses and that they do not force users to communicate only within their proprietary messaging system. Kudos to LinkedIn for opening this up.

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Filling The Bucket List

Birthday’s are the one time of the year when people get a little more sentimental than usual. We start to think about the future, and where our life is headed, but we also take time to reminisce and think about the past. Today is my birthday, and admittedly I’m doing both.

Looking back, I have to say the time between my 15th and 16th birthdays was quite unique and special. During the course of that year, not only did I receive my driver’s permit, but I joined a rock band, fell in love for the first time in my life, and I formed friendships with a core group of guys that still remain my closest friends.

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Under Construction

Yesterday I decided that I want to start writing more and so I installed WordPress on my domain. Today it’s 4am.  I just woke up in a panic realizing that I left the office last night without posting anything. And I can’t think of anything else in this world worse than a blog with no posts. Ok, maybe a couple things, but I digress.

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