Under Construction

Yesterday I decided that I want to start writing more and so I installed WordPress on my domain. Today it’s 4am.  I just woke up in a panic realizing that I left the office last night without posting anything. And I can’t think of anything else in this world worse than a blog with no posts. Ok, maybe a couple things, but I digress.

My wife and I leave for New Orleans tonight. It will be our first time visiting the Big Easy. It will also be the first time that both of us have been away from our daughter for more than a short stint. We’re both excited for our trip and a bit anxious to be without our babes for almost 5 days. In a few hours we will make our pilgrimage to Grandma’s house (the Bay Bridge is closed by the way). Over the river and through the woods, to the East Bay in a caravan stuffed with a portable crib, high chair, walker, bottles, toys, a case of diapers and 3 weeks worth of baby food (just in case). She’ll be fine. Grandma’s got this.

We have a pretty amazing group of friends heading to New Orleans. I think there are like 13 of us. Mar and I are pumped. Our friends Chris and Sabrina, who currently reside in Sacramento, are from New Orleans. They lived there pre and post Katrina and they know what’s up. They have put an exhaustive, beautifully designed 3-page PDF itinerary together that lists out a long weekend of food, drink, swamp boat tours, alligator petting, laser puppet shows, brass band listening, po’boy eating, mud stepping, house of the rising sunning, VIP school bus riding  and other miscellaneous good times. Oh, it’s also New Orleans’ version of Pride this weekend! By the way, today is the 8th anniversary of Katrina. Oh boy. Here we go…